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Friday, January 27, 2012

Nor Crystal Tears, a review by bookgirl12

I am bookgirl12.
I am doing the book NOR CRYSTAL TEARS in paperback.
By Alan Dean Foster.
It has 231 pages, and I borrowed it.

From the back of the book.
Before Man and the insectlike Thranx had become allies when the reptilian AAnn were just occasional raiders of Thranx colony worlds, one young thranx agricultural expert lived a life of quiet desperation.

Its strengths are its exciting parts. It happens when Ryo, the main character, meets monsters, AKA humans.  It was awesome, and I couldn't get my face out of the book.  Its weaknesses are the boring parts, like where it told about Ryo's background and what he does before he meets them.  I love the whole book anyway.  My favorite part is the action.  The most interesting thing about Ryo's character was the way he was always urging himself to learn more.  I know I couldn't have done it myself, no matter how much I urged myself to do it.  I recommend this book to anyone who loves adventure.

I think it rates 5 out of 5 chocolate bars.

Appropriateness Rating:  this is one I came up with myself the werewolf because it’s in the middle of a fairy princess and the vampire ratings.

I love the cover its awesome trust me again.

Trust me I NOT crazy I am the same person just with a different name.

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