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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

book review The accidental hero

A book review BY DIMESIONGIRL12
BOOK TITLE The accidental hero.
FORMAT: I read it in paperback.
AUTHOR: Matt Myklucsh
LENGTH: It has 470 pages
PRICE: It’s $5.99 at Walmart, but it's $7.99 elsewhere.

I love this book because it shows an alternative reality and how it would happen if we opened up our minds to the impossible.  I wish it were real. I liked how everyone was very unique, and I can get what Jack feels because I, too, have experienced what it's  like to be unique.  The one weakness is it was boring at parts because it follows a pretty basic plot of the hero finding out who he is, training, and beating the bad guys.  I wish it would have been mixed up a little with maybe some more conflict like Revile could have captured him or something.

For 12 years Jack lived at St. Barneby’s Home for the Hopeless, Abandoned, Forgotten and Lost.  Now he lives in the world of Imagine Nation. Jack has been infected with a virus that usually turns the host into a robo-zombie.  But will the robo-zombies get Jack?  Will he beat the virus ??

RATING: I think it rates 5 chocolate bars.
APPROPRIATENESS:  I think it’s sort of a vampire book but not quite because it has some violence, but only a little, like a punch in the face.  No language or sexual content.

COVER THOUGHTS:  I think the cover should be more eye-popping like it showing Jack and his friends and them standing on Revile.

I know right now you think I'm crazy, but read the book and you'll thank me.

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