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Monday, November 7, 2011

My Life in Pink and Green By: Cece07

A book review by Cece07
Title:  My Life in Pink and Green
Author:  Lisa Greenwald
Format: Paperback
Length: 272 pages
Price:  $6.95

This book, called My Life in Pink and Green, is by Lisa Greenwald. It is about a girl named Lucy Desberg who works at a family-owned pharmacy with her mother and grandmother. Their family-owned pharmacy is going through tough times, also known as bankruptcy. Lucy is brainstorming ideas how to help the pharmacy, when it just so happens that the prom queen has a hair crisis, and Lucy is asked for advice.

Lucy has worked at this pharmacy ever since she can remember, so she knows where everything is, and of course where everything is supposed to be. So she helps the prom queen, and the word spreads quickly. Lucy's really getting the hang of this--she's getting to do make-up for dances, birthdays, parades, and even Bat Mitzvahs. Meanwhile, she has developed a big crush that popped up out of nowhere.

One day she's surfing the web and comes across this Eco-grant that the mayor has posted. She thinks that they should try to open an Eco-spa to help save the pharmacy.The mayor said whichever person has the best reason to help the earth and make a living off of it will win and get the money to do their idea. Mom's all for it, but Grandma is the opposite. Take a guess or just read this novel and see for yourself if Lucy saves the pharmacy and see if her crush likes her back.

Rating:4 out of 5 chocolate bars
Appropriateness: fairy princess: it's pretty good, nothing too bad
Cover Thoughts: It's a totally cool cover! It fits the book perfectly!

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