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Friday, November 18, 2011

My Life and Robots

Original Fiction by Goatboy


I was nine when the robots took over. People said it was fake. People always said the world would end. If it wasn't lightning and tsunamis, it was zombies. It all started when scientists discovered how to cross bioligical and technological robotics. It was declared the feat of the century. The robots could understand tasks on their own without being programmed for them.

Then the robots thought, these old guys in labcoats are annoying, I'll blow them up. The scientists said it would happen; the government didn't believe them. The robots took over, and you would say eh it's fake and then oh,an evil robot! You just know that some old science guy is in the background saying I told you.

All that was left were small groups of people after a long period of war, gathered in America. Some elite groups of the army gathered in other places. I held a group of soldiers, three other teenagers, on Bleaker Street, New York.  They were: Mike, our tech wiz; Blade, our rock solid muscle; Sabrina, my athletic girlfriend; and me--Tony.  We took the back ways to the commander's base. The main streets were controlled by robots.

There are three kinds of robots: the 28-x's, stupid muscle; O'Reilys, arial bots; and the B.O.S.S's., Battle Operated Strike Systems. I hope we don't run into any of those on our way.


  1. That was really good.. Did you come up with that yourself? You rock!! Write More.. Write More......

  2. wow! that is so cool. i think you should be an author.


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