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Monday, November 14, 2011

Two Book Reviews by pink muffin kitty

Book reviews by:pink muffin kitty
title: A Child Called It
author: Dave Pelzer

 I like the book  A Child Called It because it has some mean/very sad parts in it that almost made me cry. And because it has some good parts. My favorite part is when at the end the mom is nice to him.  My unfavorite part is when the mom calles him it and she said that it is his name.  And his mom also starved him almost to death. :(

rating:three chocolate bars
appropriatness: I think that it is a vampire for 6th grade and up because it is an really sad book.

Title: Junie b.Jones: Boss of the Lunchroom
Format: paperbackor hardcover
Author: Barbara Parks

I'm doing my second book review on the book Junie B. Jones:Boss of the Lunchroom. I like this book because it has good parts and it has like one bad part in it. The worst part is that Junie B. got in trouble because she was blurting in class. The best part is that in the end Junie B. got out of trouble and she got to be the teacher for the day and she was very happy. I like this book because it is for all ages and a lot of people read these kinds of books, so that's why I did the book review on Junie B. Jones.

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  1. I LOVED Junie B. Jones when i was younger so I'm glad you're introducing that to little and big kids! good for you!! :) - Cece07


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